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harth_fray's Journal

Harth Fray
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Harth Fray: The One Who Will Lead
(Made by the lovely trelali!)

Harth Fray: Description

Harth Fray is a seemingly normal, if gawky teenage boy. He appares to be maybe 15, with thick glasses, no fashion sense whatsoever, and a generally sloppy manner to him. Jeans, shirts, coats, sneakers. He wears no jewelery and has no real outstanding characteristics beyond a set of brilliant blue eyes.

At least, until he reveals he's a vampire; then his skin pales further beyond the normal, his eyes become a putrid yellow, and he bares fangs and teeth meant for biting and ripping.

Harth Fray: Powers + Characterisitics

Harth Fray is a vampire, a Buffyverse vampire. He is without a doubt an ABNORMAL vampire -- being bound both to the demon of the vampire and carrying a connection to the Slayer demon-- he's like double the supernatural. Capable of foresight visions (though these are heavily symbolic and rarely clear), he is connected to all Slayers past -- which means he occasinally has flashbacks to other times.

He is also an occulist-mage of no small skill, able to raise demons, create portals, with the right rituals and spellbooks.

He is best qualified as a sociopath; he has little regard for anyone other then himself, and uses people with impunity. He may seem to like you; he feigns humanity very well. But he is not human, and he is not very nice.

Harth Fray: The Fine Print

Harth Fray belongs to Joss Whedon and Karl Moline; he is used here for apharsites and strangefellows, for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made.